Course Description


‘The Foundation of the Golf Swing‘

(Over an Hour of Detailed Instruction)

Includes "Chipping Like a Pro" Video Course


First, Scotty teaches how to correctly grip the golf-club using his technique. Learn it all through simple step-by-step instruction.

Next begin to train… learn techniques that help you understand why your new grip works so well. Begin to practice specific physical movements, routines and exercises. Scotty also covers hand pressure, grips and gloves.


In this Series, Scotty teaches all of the fundamentals needed to become proficient using his techniques throughout a full swing. Learn the exercises that will train you to and develop the much-needed muscle memory and more.

Also, Included:

The Foundation of ‘THREE CHIP SHOTS’

Learn the basics of a ‘Pitch and Run’ a ‘Pivot Sand Wedge’ and a ‘Lob Shot’. These three shot techniques provide a great foundation from which to exercise and expand on your new-found ability.

Basically, this is a chance for you to discover the simplicity and consistency Scotty Robertson’s techniques provide.

As Scotty says… It’s that simple.

Golf Pro Instructor

Scotty Robertson

For more than 25 years Scotty was a below average golfer until one day he literally turned his golf game upside down. He instantly and dramatically improved. He went from an average driving distance of 160 yards, to his now long drive of 421 yards and from a 40+ handicap to a +2.Scotty has toured the world conducting seminars and ball-striking exhibitions and now offers his remarkable instruction on this site. NBC's Dateline correspondent, Josh Mankowiecz is quoted saying, "Think Newton and his apple... Think Franklin and his kite... In any case, Scotty Robertson has found, 'Lighting in a bottle'."

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Current Series: All the Basics

    • The Wrist Roll (Training Exercise)

    • The Grip - Top Hand Grip

    • The Grip - Lower Hand Grip

    • The Grip - Low Slow Swings

    • The Grip - Hand Pressure

    • The Grip - From the Vault

    • Grips & Gloves

    • Addressing the Ball

    • The Back-Swing Your Right Side (Training Exercise)

    • Coordination Exercise (Training Exercise)

    • The Swing Plane (Training Exercise)

    • Cutting the Grass (Training Exercise)

    • From The Vault - 2 - Right Side Move

    • From The Vault - 3 - Lateral Move

    • From The Vault - 4 - Coordination Exersize

    • From The Vault - 5 - Cutting the Grass

    • From The Vault - 6 - Room for Error

    • From The Vault - 7 - Pre-swing Routine

    • From The Vault - 8 - Pinch and Drive

    • From The Vault - 9 - The Box

  • 2

    Bonus Videos - Chipping Like a Pro

    • The Wrist Roll Video


    • 3 Chips the Foundation SCOTTY'S 24 HOUR CHIPPING CHALLENGE